senior photos

Hey Senators and Senator families!


Senior Picture Upload Specs

  1. Please:

    • Only pictures that were planned for your senior picture;

    • No Selfies (we will not use it if you submit it!!!);

    • If at all possible, have a professional or a friend that understands portrait photography take your pictures;

    • Wear clothes that contrast well with the background;

    • Avoid direct sunlight;

    • If at all possible, no full body, standing pictures.  Seated is better. Hips to head is preferred.

  2. Image Type and Specs

    • .jpg only

    • Minimum of 5”x7” (larger is always better)

    • Minimum of 300 dpi

  3. When ready to upload, please use the following link

  4. If there are multiple photos, the yearbook staff reserves the right to select the photograph that best fits our yearbook theme.​

  5. The photo deadline is 3/3/21



Thank you,

The Yearbook Staff

Perfect example photo (RYAN MOON!)

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